Sunday, October 31, 2010


Jacob and Caleb decided to be the city villains on Halloween night this year. They borrowed a friend's costumes and spent the night spooking everyone. They tried to get me and a friend of mine when we were walking the kids around, but thankfully I was prepared. And of all things we were passing a graveyard when they decided to come out and do their thing. I'm glad they made it back home in one piece:)

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat:)

The boys have all had a blast preparing for their Halloween parties this week. Seth had his at school this week and the whole school paraded around the block while all the parents watched and took pictures. He decided to be a punk rocker. He and his class had a great time! I couldn't resist getting a pic of that adorable dog all dressed up....what a cutie! Caleb is on student council and was double dared to be a baby girl. It's amazing what boys will do when they are challenged:) He actually wore some baggy PJ's of mine. I tried to get him to let me write on his bonnet "I love my mommy", but I think that was pushing it..:).. Jacob and Amanda were all dressed up as Scarecrow and Dorothy for a party her dad's family was hosting. Jacob and I had fun shopping for his costume and putting it together. He makes a great Scarecrow! Halloween is officially tomorrow here in our city so Seth is all geared up to meet with some of his best friends and go trick or treating. The whole city gets into like I've never seen before. Fun times!!


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seth's 11th B-day:)

Yes, Seth turned 11!! I can't believe my baby is coming up on his teen years. Geez....this is just one of the many things that stinks about (me) getting older! Seth did enjoy his day and he received some new baseball gear for the next season, cashola, movies, and video games (of course;). The boys love to push my buttons when I take pictures. It took forever to get one of them looking at the camera and smiling altogether. They get it honestly and I'll just let you figure out where:) We had some great laughs anyways.

Seth also found out this week that his teachers are recommending him for the gifted program at our school. It's called Project Excel. He will have to take a series of tests, but the teachers have been observing him and don't want to wait until January (the next testing period) to assess him. He's so excited about it! He has exceeded my expectations in adjusting to his new school environment.

Soapbox time:)....Homeschoolers get so stereotyped in our country as many think they don't receive the social interaction they need. I strongly disagree and believe it totally depends on the parents and how they choose to homeschool. I tell people this...."Just because a child is homeschooled doesn't mean they will struggle or not adapt well in social settings, and likewise, just because a child attends a school doesn't mean they'll adjust and succeed socially." There are many students at school who struggle socially, so that is evident that school isn't a "fix all" to the success of children adjusting socially. I do think it helps students, but it isn't the only component. I suppose that's one thing about stereotyping groups that people need to remember... get the facts!! Many people fall prey to believing what they hear and not researching, etc. I have learned the hard way this is detrimental.

Okay, time to get off my soapbox:)


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Saturday, October 9, 2010

~Jacob & Amanda

Here are some pics of Jacob and Amanda as they set out for Amanda's Homecoming dance. She's a senior in high school, so it looks like Jacob isn't done going to high school dances:) Jacob is still working as much as he can and deep in the studies at college. He seems to have a routine down now. I can't believe he's almost the age I was when I got married. It makes me cry thinking about it. It seems like yesterday that my mom and dad told me the same things I'm telling him. Life is truly short, so it's times like these that we must make the most of it!!


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Caleb's Homecoming!

Boy, things have been quite busy around here, so I'm a little behind on blogging. I made sure to get a couple pics of Caleb and his friends as they set out for homecoming at the high school. I told Caleb sometimes dances are more fun when you just go as a group of friends. He had a great time and danced the night away...:) I finally got him to show me some of his moves and I was quite impressed. Nowadays, you can just google and learn the latest dances on video. I still can't believe this is his freshmen year. He has become very active in a variety of activities at school. He has really taken to Student Council and commits to several hours a week coordinating several events for the school. We are so proud of his accomplishments and hope his high school experience doesn't fly by too fast!!


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