Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seth's Tribute To Michael Jackson:)

Making this video was so much fun! Seth loves Michael Jackson's moves and music. Ken and I have told him how we grew up listening to him and how popular he was back in the day. Since Michael's death, Seth has taken to his music. Like I said in a prior post, Seth is very much a social person at heart and loves to entertain. I have no doubt if he keeps this bubbly personality he'll be on stage when he enters school:) He loves athletics as well, so it will be interesting to see what he does. As you can see, he wanted to look like he had a "fro"....he's such a hoot! He wants to make some other videos too, so who knows, you might just see him in action again very soon:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was the boys first day of school. Jacob is a senior this year, Caleb is in 8th grade, and Seth is in 4th grade. I decided to homeschool Seth one more year. Jacob homeschooled up to 8th grade, and Caleb up to 6th grade. I'll put Seth in for 5th grade next year. He's too social and can't wait any longer. I'd put him in already except I want him to have all the basics down first. I'm not a big fan of public school, so this is my way to give my kids what they need from home in hopes that they'll succeed and not be one of many who are left behind. This will be my 14th year of homeschooling. It's hard to believe, and I think I'll be ready for something new next year. The boys have done amazing at school every year and have made Ken and I so proud. Our prayer is that they stay focused at each phase of their lives and to remember who they are and believe in themselves no matter what comes their way.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Farewell to Sam and Monica!

This weekend we had the opportunity to wish Sam and Monica our best as they head to England! Sam actually was one of our youth years ago when Ken was in youth ministry. He and his family have been close friends of ours for years now. Sam entered the Airforce a few years ago, and just got orders to England for 4 years. He and Monica are newlyweds, so this will be a big adventure for them starting their lives together. Sam's folks hosted a farewell party for them, and the boys enjoyed getting to hang with Sam for the day. Seth adores Sam...they both have this little thing for baseball:)...Yankees vs. Redsox to be exact:) Sam used to give Jacob drum lessons years ago. We knew he was a wonderful young man when we met him, and he remains to be a very special part of our lives. We wish the best for Sam and Monica and will miss them.

Sam and Seth doing their thing:)

Ken, Jacob, Caleb, and Amanda playing some bocce ball at Sam's party...

Here's Ken with our little guy Vinnie:) He's the son of a friend of ours, and he reminds us so much of our Caleb when he was this age. He's such a sweetie and we love our Vinnie time:)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fireworks at the Beach!!

Here's part of a Firework's show we put on at the beach. This was just one set out of many that we did that night. Everyone enjoyed it and wanted to do it again, but we had a couple rainy evenings that followed. It was fun and got full attention from our strip of the beach. We can't seem to get the beach out of our heads:) We wish we lived closer to family, but I suppose it makes us appreciate them all the more....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Banana Boat Ride!

Jacob, Caleb, Jessica, and Kody rode the Banana Boat this year and had a blast! Jacob fell off out in the middle of the you can see, they loved it!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Parasailing '09

Jessica, Caleb, and Seth got the chance to go parasailing at the beach. This video is worth the watch! Seth's face tells it all, and poor Caleb isn't quite strapped in the same as the others. He looked lifeless in the air. Good thing I wasn't there when they went up...I laughed so hard when they brought this slide show home, but I knew they were safe and sound at that point:) Click video link below:

Weatherbee Family Picture

A big "Thank You" to Ken's folks for treating the whole family to a week on the beach! You guys ROCK:)

Our Beach Vacation '09

We finally made it home from our 2 week beach vacation. It was nice to get away and relax and spend time with family. I missed my bed more than anything. It's good to be home. This year was a treat as we got to spend some time with my sister and her family, as well as Ken's entire family. The beach is a place we enjoy so much. Some of our activities included: parasailing, banana boat ride, miniature golf, kayaking, souvenir shopping, eating Krispy Kreme donuts (fresh off the oven of course), looking for seashells and crabs, along with avoiding getting stung by jellyfish. Unfortunately, several of us got stung this year. We kept our handy vinegar bottle around:) We put on a fireworks show our last week there. It was amazing! The whole strip applauded. I do have a couple videos I might be posting soon. The boys start school next week, so summer is coming to a close. Bummer!....This year is flying by, but I'm glad we had the privilege to be with family once again. I know the boys will come to cherish all these memories...

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Interesting Views...

I love taking pics of the sunrise and waves. Not only is it amazing, but it allows me to relax and enjoy God's beautiful creation. We also saw a variety of fish washed on shore, including this stingray and blowfish.

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Waves and Beach Fun!!

We enjoyed our time on the beach so much this year. The boys really enjoyed getting to spend time with many of their cousins. We live so far away from family that any time we have together is a treat. They played baseball, lasso golf, football, you name it! Everyone also enjoyed the great waves we had this year. In the one pic, Caleb looked like the karate kid skimming on his new board. Jacob tried fooling us when he and Kody went out one day and he came back with a tatoo (temporary one of course:) Can't fool me, I know you hate needles:) Seth loved the attention when we all buried him in the sand and turned him into a mermaid. It was so much fun watching our kids with all their different and unique personalities. I love it!! Oh, and I couldn't resist getting a pic of Ken's better side...hee!

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Kayak Fun:)

We rented a kayak for the week Ken's family was in and just about everyone got the chance to go out on the kayak, even Ken's mom was a trooper:) In the one pic, Ken took me out and as you can see we hit a wave the wrong way and ended up tipping over. Fortunately for Ken's sake (he was the one doing the steering) we didn't tip out in the middle of the ocean:)

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Enjoying family!

We got to see my sister Shelley, and husband Carl, kids Ashley and Ally, along with Ken's entire family including his parents Judy and Forrest; his brother Chip, wife Jen; his sister Kelly, husband Lou, kids Kody and Jessica.

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