Friday, September 18, 2009

Jacob got a job!!

Jacob's been looking for a job all year and finally landed one at McDonald's just about a mile from home, so it will be nice and convenient. He was too young to work at the hospital where he could have had a job opportunity. He applied just about everywhere, and finally got an interview. Funny thing, once he got this interview and got offered the job, he received a few more calls for interviews as well. Oh well, we told him to take what came first since it took months to get an interview in the first place. With the economy like it is they are saying many adults are applying for these type of positions too out of desperation. It's tough right now for sure. Ken is pursuing other avenues as well with his prior job recently making cut backs. We hope and pray God will open the right door for us during this transition. Continue to pray for us as we start a new chapter in our lives once again. It won't be long and we'll have enough chapters to publish a book...hee!

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