Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arctic Blast!

This one's for you Bobby:) And just think, this is only the beginning:(...Ken and the boys have been shovelling on and off for days now. The snow won't stop. School was cancelled all over this region yesterday, so Ken and the boys received their first official "snow day" of the year, and it's only January 9th. February and March are usually worse, but we're praying that won't be the case this year. Wishful thinking at it's best:)..What's even worse is that the sun is sparingly seen throughout the winter. It only peeks out once in a blue moon. I can handle the snow more when the sun is bright and shining throughout the day. Now you see why our beach vacations are a vital part of our lives...hee!

Here's the beginning of our winter snow bank. We are hoping it won't grow too high this winter:)

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebrating our 19th Anniversary!

Ken and I celebrated our anniversary a little early this year. We know that school, work, and everything else will be starting up again first thing Monday, and our anniversary is Tuesday, January 5th, so we decided to enjoy our time together over New Year's Day. Jacob was a sweetie and got Ken and I a gift certificate to one of our favorite Italian restaurants for our anniversary. We basically sat and recalled our years together and how blessed we both feel in so many ways. I also realized that Ken has had me as long as my mom and dad did. Thinking over all the choices we've made through the years we realized we have no regrets starting our family early and devoting as much time to each other as possible. I know in the world's eyes I may not have much to show for in terms of money, career, etc., but none of that compares to the relationships and time I have been blessed to put in those relationships over the years. Now with my kids becoming young adults before my eyes, my whole world is starting to shift in several ways. I have gone back to school in hopes to teach children some day. I have homeschooled for close to 14 years, so I feel that is an area I would adjust to quickly (or at least I hope I do:) I honestly see myself wanting to work with children one on one, or maybe tutoring. I'm sure this comes from homeschooling. I'm not sure what doors will open, but pray that I am able to do what is in my heart. Until then I will continue to be what I can be where I am at. With my boys growing up too fast I want to cherish as much of them as I can. Ultimately, I feel I am more blessed than I deserve...I have the best husband a woman could ask for and three awesome boys I cherish so much. God is good!

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