Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend! Ken's folks got to come in for a couple days to see Seth at a couple of his baseball games. The season goes through July so we have a ways to go. Seth's loving every minute of it too! Ken and I also got the chance to go on an overnighter. We are at the point in our lives that our kids are old enough to be alone for an extended amount of time giving us some quality time ourselves. Since Ken and the boys were off, we got to go hiking again (something we'll do throughout the summer). We went to one of my favorite trails which was close to a 4 mile hike. I love this time of year because all the trees and flowers are in bloom. I was telling my father-in-law how I used to take for granted the sun, birds, flowers, and anything to do with nature. That is until I moved to the North! Most don't realize you go 4-5 months without hearing birds sing, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the seeing trees green all year! I've learned my lesson the hard way I guess:)

Here is a video of Seth, #7, coming home and scoring for his team...The Red Sox!...who else:)

Over Memorial Day weekend, we got to see Seth at a couple of his games. Grammy and Grandpa came to visit too, so that was a treat! Seth has been so pumped as he has been able to pitch in this level of the league. He moved up this year to a higher league where the kids pitch and not the coaches. Ken's been helping him develop his pitching strokes and so far he's doing great!


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We FINALLY got some summer temps, so Seth enjoyed getting to play out in the sprinkler. He's done with school and Jacob and Caleb still have this week and next week left. I remember those days so well:) Those were some of the best days of my life actually....just being a kid!


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We had fun hanging out and enjoying the beautiful Memorial Day weather (have I said that already:). Ken and the boys love to play basketball in the driveway and as the boys get bigger and older, Ken realizes the competition is getting tougher:)


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jacob's Prom '09

Jacob is in his junior year of high school and they had their junior/senior prom this weekend. He and his girlfriend Amanda were just so handsome and beautiful! This really brings back memories for me and makes me realize once again how old I'm getting..ugh!...Although, I do have to admit I don't miss the BIG hair days:)...I know this will just be a memory some day, but is a wonderful teenage experience. It is so amazing to watch the different phases that our children go through. It seems like yesterday that Jacob was my little guy I could throw up in the air and that would cuddle with me every night before bed. I miss those days so much...okay, I know...I'm getting a little sentimental...I suppose it comes with the territory:)...I'm very proud of all my kids and I'm so thankful that God blessed me to be the mother of such wonderful boys!!


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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Wow, this is my 17th year being a mother! That is so hard to believe sometimes. I had a wonderful day...we went to church, and came home afterwards for lunch. We decided years ago to not go out to eat on Mother's Day. The restaurants are so busy. Ken went to the meat market and got some fresh chicken and beef kabobs to put on the grill. They were so yummy!! A friend of mine baked me a blackberry pie, so we ate that for dessert. I could grill out every night. It is fun for one, and to me the food tastes better grilled. It was just nice to hang out together as a family. With our kids getting older and more involved in extra curricular activities, I realize I treasure the time with them even more. I am so grateful for my husband and children! That in itself makes for a great Mother's Day!


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I love my flower garden! This week I finally got the chance to plant flowers and spruce the yard up some. Ken and Seth got me the pretty basket of yellow daisies which I will be planting in my garden very soon. Unlike annuals that you have to plant every year, daisies will keep coming back year after year...yes, even after our horrible winters:)


Caleb showing me his dunking moves:)

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The boys know I love to hike, so they decided to take me hiking Mother's Day afternoon. It was a bit cool, but very sunny and beautiful. The trail wasn't that far from home, but it made you feel like you were far away from all the busyness of life. I really enjoy the smells of nature. It is so relaxing to just soak in a little bit of God's beautiful creation.


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day For Golf!

Ken got a new toy or toys I should say...some new golf clubs. He was on a business trip and was invited to go golfing, so he decided to pick up some golf clubs and shoes for the big day. He was gone for nearly a week, so we were excited to have him home. He thought it would be fun to take Seth on a field trip of sorts and teach him a little about golfing. It's been literally years since he's played, but all in all he didn't do too bad. He said I made him a little nervous though:) How funny is that! It was quite a cool day though, so we decided to do a lot of walking. Seth wanted to ride in the golf cart as he started getting a little tired. It was a good
3 or more mile walk. I loved it as I love to walk. We had a great time and Seth can't wait to go again and show us his moves:)

This was so cute...Seth watched Ken all day squatting to view his aim to putt. We let Seth practice putting and he literally imitated Ken to the very end. Like they say, kids are sponges!

Seth going for the hole!

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Seth wanted me to get a pic of the geese and their babies:)

Dad teaching Seth some golf moves!

Seth loved getting to ride in the golf cart!

Seth practicing some swings:)

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Ken showing Seth what NOT to do...hit the tree:)

Sweet shot!

In the hole!!

Seth lovin' to be dad's side kick!

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