Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seth's First Day of School:)

Well, the time has finally come and Seth is officially done homeschooling! He started his first day of 5th grade this week and I can't tell you how nervous I was for him. I was the same way with Jacob and Caleb, but with Seth even more so. He has been anticipating this week for some time now and has been all excited. At the end of the day I asked him how everything went and he said it was "kind of boring." He was disappointed that they didn't do any school work. Can you believe that?! That doesn't sound like the Seth I homeschooled:) He was always ready to be done with work. I'm so happy that he's excited and geared up for this new experience. Our schools have Smart Boards, so that will really make learning more fun and interesting. Tonight is Open House and I get to meet his teachers. He actually has several and the 5th graders have to change classes and get a locker! This will definitely prep him for middle school next year. It's funny...the teacher was asking the class if they knew what region our state was in and nobody was able to answer, so Seth told me he raised his hand and said "Midwest." The teacher said, "Great, Seth!" It is little things like that that will boost his confidence with all the new changes. Needless to say, his first day went well and I can't wait to hear more stories:)

I have the house to myself now (I've already gotten so much done already), but will be starting back to school next week...ugh! I love to learn, but I like hands on learning much better. I will be taking on 16 hours this semester. Pray for me!! I'll need it:)

Oh, and Ken is officially a teacher now! His students come today. He's teaching 11th graders at an alternative school. Basically, a school that deals with students the public schools can't handle anymore. He loves it! Not only does he get to use his gift of teaching, but is able to have the time to balance the rest of his life as well. He pastors part-time as well. This teaching job will feed into his ministry and his ministry into his teaching job. It's great!!

Caleb started high school this week! He is on Student Council and they are already planning the first school dance. It won't be long and basketball will be here as well. He has quite a load this year. He's taking Geometry, Spanish, Enriched Language Arts, Enriched Physical Science, Enriched History, Student Council, and Phys.Ed. this semester. He'll be a busy guy for sure!!

Jacob started college! He's taking classes to pursue a Physical Therapy Degree. He completed all his prerequisite hours and will be going full-time, not to mention working part-time. His commute is only 25 min., so he'll be staying at home for now. I told him to get used to not having many grades per class. College life is based on tests, papers, and more tests! You really have to hit it hard with the studies, because you don't get homework grades, notebook grades, and so forth. I know he can do anything he sets his mind to!!


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cedar Point!!

Ken took Jacob on a trip to Cedar Point for one of his Father/Son graduation gifts. They had a blast riding the coasters all day. On top of that they got to see Lebron James walking 4 feet from them! Although Lebron is somewhat of an outcast right now in our area, it was still pretty cool to see him in person. Jacob has seen him at basketball games in the past, but never that close. Here's a pic of one of their favorite rides...."The Millennium".......It's pretty obvious they posed for the picture while they were riding. Needless, to say they enjoyed their time together doing what boys love to do....PLAY!:)


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