Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seth--Team #1

Seth is a busy guy right now playing on two teams. This is the school league he plays on. He is # 6. Ken has had the privilege to coach both of his teams, not to mention assisting Caleb's team too. This particular game he got to do the tip off. He was so excited to do that and actually got possession for his team. I have never seen Seth play so well. I heard one of the parents calling him a little "Lebron James". He scored 17 of the 23 points in this game. In the last 3 seconds of the game he had possession and knowing it was down to the last couple seconds, he came down and scored a 3 pointer right at the buzzer! I thought I was going to lose my voice from cheering so loud. It was exciting to watch and his team all jumped up and gave him high fives. These are such great memories in the making. I am so proud of all our boys. I know I brag, but how can I not:) They're the best!

Seth--Team #2

Here is Seth, #14, playing on one of the leagues he's on. This is a 3rd and 4th grade league. Seth is in 3rd grade, so he's on the younger end of this league. This game he scored 14 of the 28 points throughout the game. I love watching him develop his skills more and more each year. You go, Seth!

The Winter Blues!

Well this year has been a crazy year of snow and more snow. I didn't grow up in this type of weather and I've been here for 6 years now and it isn't getting any easier. Ken grew up in New Hampshire so he was somewhat used to this, but being in the South for 13 years he quickly adjusted to the warm weather, which we obviously love so much more! I couldn't help but take some pics of the snow so you can get a picture of what I mean. Caleb was pooped and was taking a break from shoveling in the one pic. It's hard work scooping the snow and tossing it to the side. It is heavy stuff! Really makes me glad there are so many men in our household:) We cope by thinking about our summer vacation to the beach. We can't wait...2 weeks of fun in the sun! It can't get here soon enough if you ask me:)

Caleb in Action!

Caleb had a fun season of basketball this year. This is the 7th grade team for his school. He is #20. Caleb played tough defense boxing out the defender, along with making several assists during the games, not to mention making some key scores for the team. We love to watch our boys play ball. You would be surprised how emotional it can be. The older they get the more I get intense with the game cheering them on!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our 18th Anniversary!

Ken and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this weekend. Ken surprised me with a night away with floor seats to the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team. I bet you haven't figured out we love basketball:)...We had a nice steak and lobster dinner followed by the game. It was so cool to be so close to the players and see how tall they really are. We have kept up with Lebron James since he graduated a few years ago from the Akron area. He's amazing to watch. We stayed at a nice hotel and knowing it was our anniversary and that Ken is a platinum member, we were upgraded to the honeymoon suite. We had a wonderful and relaxing time. I can't believe we've been together that long already...I feel so old sometimes...I'm thankful for such a sweet husband and great kids...I don't know what I would do without them...

Cheryl is the greatest and she has demonstrated for 18 years what true unconditional love is all about. We have a great family and we love each other tremendously, but if it wasn't for Cheryl's steadfastness, loyalty, commitment, sacrifice and every other superlative praiseworthy adjective I can name, we would be nothing!! She is absolutely the BEST. I'm the luckiest man alive, because on top of all that she's incredibly beautiful too!!


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Our Sign:)

I made this sign for the game. Austin Carr is a former Cav and now is an announcer for the Cavaliers. This is one of his favorite sayings during the game. It made TV:) Austin Carr gave us 2 thumbs up when he saw it...needless to say, that made Ken's day. Ken was wearing his Varejao wig when the camera man got him! It was such a blast!

What A View!


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Game Time!


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Warm up Time!

Here the Bulls and Cavs are warming up for the was exciting to see how close we were to the players.


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