Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Walking on the Beach," by Caleb Weatherbee

Here is a paper Caleb wrote for his Language Arts class. Ken and I loved it so much we wanted to share it with you:)


"Walking On the Beach"

I was walking on the sandy beach with my family one nice evening. I could smell the salt from the ocean. I was thinking to myself how peaceful the beach was.
“Look! It is a full moon,” my little brother Seth said, with an amazed look on his face.
“I know because I have been telling you the whole week that it will come out today,” my dad said.
A huge wave came from the ocean and crashed; it flowed up to my sandy feet. The water was cool and tickled my big feet. I glanced at my mom and dad who were in a happy conversation that I couldn’t hear. Seth was chasing seagulls trying to get the ten dollars my dad would give him if he touched a seagull. My older brother, Jacob, was texting on his new cell phone. Thinking of all the cool shells in the ocean, I started looking for shells. I heard seagulls gawking, so I looked up and saw Seth chasing a group of white-feathered seagulls. Jacob and I laughed at Seth because he had tripped when he had run after the seagulls.
“Seth, you are going to get all sandy again if you keep running after those birds,” my mom said.
My dad said laughing, “Let him be a kid,” and then continued, “At least he is enjoying the walk.”
I looked out at the ocean admiring the blue color and the sound of the crashing waves. The wind blew sand into my mouth, and I could taste the salt. I spit the sand out of my mouth. I saw a shell sticking out of the ground and pulled it out. I couldn’t see it well because it was covered in sand. With the shell in my hand, I ran to the water’s edge and washed the sand off of the shell. After I washed it off, I saw the orange and white colors shining. I felt the smooth texture of the shell.
“Hey! Mom! Dad! Look what I found,” I said excitedly, handing it to them.
“That’s a nice one,” my mom said smiling. She gave it back to me. I stuffed it in my pocket. My family turned around heading back to the house. Everyone was silent, enjoying the nice walk. I felt a cool breeze rush past me. Thinking of how beautiful the beach was, I looked up at the full moon. I had thought how cool the moon looked and remembered the nights at home. On those nights I would sit on my bed, looking out the window and watching the stars and the moon sitting in the black sky. I stopped daydreaming and I looked at my family. They looked happy enjoying the peacefulness. I felt the sand turn wet as a wave came up and over my feet. Feeling relaxed, I thought of how much I enjoyed being with my family having a fun time. I watched my family go up the stairs to the house. Looking out at the ocean, I had thought what a great time I had at the beach. I felt a cool breeze blow by me, and I walked inside thinking of how much I enjoyed spending time with my family.