Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seth--Team #1

Seth is a busy guy right now playing on two teams. This is the school league he plays on. He is # 6. Ken has had the privilege to coach both of his teams, not to mention assisting Caleb's team too. This particular game he got to do the tip off. He was so excited to do that and actually got possession for his team. I have never seen Seth play so well. I heard one of the parents calling him a little "Lebron James". He scored 17 of the 23 points in this game. In the last 3 seconds of the game he had possession and knowing it was down to the last couple seconds, he came down and scored a 3 pointer right at the buzzer! I thought I was going to lose my voice from cheering so loud. It was exciting to watch and his team all jumped up and gave him high fives. These are such great memories in the making. I am so proud of all our boys. I know I brag, but how can I not:) They're the best!


Matthew and Makensie said...

Way to go Seth & Caleb. Unfortunately, Matthew has quit Upward BB.

The pictures of the snow are amazing.

Miss you all...Jennifer