Saturday, August 20, 2011

~Our trip out West~

We were thankful to have the opportunity to visit Ken's folks and tour the West. Among our 5 day stay we had the privilege of touring the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, The old town of Oatman (woot woot), Grapevine Canyon, and Las Vegas....oh, and Black Bear which was a little restaurant with the best blackberry cobbler and milkshakes...they were awesome! All the sites were wonderful and it was nice to have some quality time with Ken's folks as well. I also decided I don't hate cats anymore...I'm still allergic, but Jazz (I called her spazzy jazzy) was just adorable. She was the cutest little kitten with the greatest personality. She definitely grew on us on our short stay there. As far as the old saying that Arizona is a great place to live because it's a dry heat...well, yes it is, but heat is heat to me, dry or not. The end:)


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